tnWhat if I were to tell you that the vast majority of reasons you are NOT earning what you deserve are not your fault? Your fumbles, your struggles, your stops and starts and your frustrating failures are all part of the culture of information overload that permeates the internet marketing landscape like a plague.

The truth is, the EASIEST way to earn $100 an hour online is simple. Coaching, teaching or training others to do something you already do really, really well.

I’ve watched business coaches earn $300 per hour teaching online marketing strategies to OFFLINE professionals that just about all of us know like the back of our hands.

I’ve watched a client of mine quit her day job as a nursing administrator, after only 3 months of studying internet marketing techniques, and start a full time business setting up relationship marketing email campaigns for doctors and dentists.

I know a guy who does website “reviews” for his readers… and charges $250 per review, for a 10 point rating and revision system he offers that literally takes him 45 minutes to write (and his clients seem to love them… and just about anybody reading this article right now can do the very same thing).

The truth is, coaching, teaching and training… either in a one on one sort of service, or a group coaching environment, (or a combination of both) is the absolute EASIEST way to parlay your passion into profit that there is.

That said, there are still people I find that don’t want to do coaching.

Here are 2 more additional ways to either augment, supplement or replace personal services that can easily earn you $100 an hour with elegant ease… even if you are just starting out right now.

Creating your own information products.

Simply turn your coaching business into a product and offer it for sale on your blog or website. I’ve taken my own best coaching sessions and turned them into audio product and pdf’s, and the income you can earn from this model… as many of the online “gurus” have proven, is quite astonishing in the right markets. The truth is, the BEST way to earn fantastic money with information products is NOT in the “IM” space at all. Diet, Dating, Divorce and other evergreen markets that have nothing to do with making money are far superior and have much broader appeal as well.

Affiliate marketing as an INCENTIVIZED offer.

This is a bit more complex to explain in a short article, but the long and short of it is… you can literally GIVE way your products, your PDF’s, your audios, and even your services in exchange for people making a purchase that pays you an affiliate commission that is GREATER than what you could or would charge on your own.

Consider THIS:

I know a woman who gives away her own services to anyone who purchases a service she recommends that costs her readership about $10-$20, and pays HER over $100 (it’s a psychic reading service that pays a commission of $100 + to their affiliates for the first paid call, simply because they know that people who call once, will call back many times in the future as well, making it sensible for them to offer such a high commission to folks who recommend them).

She earns $300-$500 a day doing this, and is able to give away her own services in the process… which helps her attract an audience, grow her own reputation, built a great rapport and relationship with her readership, and earn a strong 6 figure salary as well.


imagesNMIn relation to making money online you are going to find that having a legitimate internet business plan is going to be one of the primary factors. You are able to learn some ideas about home businesses which are legitimate on this page, along with a few of the things you ought to stay away from. You could find yourself on the road to financial freedom if you follow this advice, but you may also go in the other direction if you do not listen.

If you are just getting started you are going to find that the most popular sorts of organizations to start online are affiliate advertising and Network Marketing. Affiliate marketing and advertising is when you market someone’s product and you receive a commission for the product you end up selling. The product is being sold at an internet site, and your only job is to get folks to go to the site, where the product will be sold. Network marketing is similar, but you get individuals to join your business by enrolling under you, and you each need to buy, whatever your company’s product is, every month. One of the greatest things about Network Marketing would be the fact that you are going to have the opportunity to earn considerably more money because you are going to be earning on work that your down line does. And the more folks both you and your down line continue to refer to this business opportunity the more cash you will be making each and every month.

Whether you choose affiliate advertising or Network Marketing you’re going to see that it can be very inexpensive for you to get started in either one of these businesses. For affiliate advertising you’ll get a free website promoting the product, but you will need to invest some cash for marketing. Simply because there’s a wide variety of ways to drive traffic you may possibly find it a little confusing and time consuming at first but your generating traffic should get easier in time. With Network Marketing it is essential to bear in mind that you’ll need to invest money each and every month for the product that the company is selling. Needless to say if the program is offering you a product that you would ordinarily buy anyway and is also something you like this ought to not be an issue for you.

Something else I should point out is that any program that tells you you will start making large amounts of cash immediately is a program you should stay away from. These types of guarantees are typically just scams, as you have to comprehend that building a business is something which will require work and will also take the time to get right. You can find both traffic generating programs as well as free traffic generating information on the net, and it is very important to get as much information as you can so you are able to achieve success. If you choose to start promoting products as an affiliate marketer start off with one product and start to add new products when you start earning some money. No matter what anyone has told you before or regardless of what you will hear in the future, building your business isn’t a thing that is going to happen overnight it will take energy and time.

If you want to become successful online it is going to be vitally important for you to find a legitimate business opportunity and stay with it. It will in addition be very useful to you if you decide to pick a business that is something you have an interest in.