traffic, solo ad, safelist, Leads, opt in, advertising, ppc, google, increase, unique, cheap3Now while this may sound surprising, driving a significant amount of traffic to your website regularly doesn’t mean spending a lot on promotional ads and similar schemes. There are actually ways to get the online attention you’ve always wanted without dishing out even a single cent.

If you’re still having a tough time zeroing in on an effective method to achieve the ideal traffic for your site or blog without emptying your bank account while at it, then this post is definitely for you. Here are a few useful pointers to help you get started in no time at all:

Always keep in mind that content is king.

Giving web denizens a reason to visit your site or blog should be the very first thing on your list when successfully boosting traffic generation is concerned. Making it a point to offer unique, timely and relevant content daily helps you build a loyal fanbase that has the potential to progressively grow stronger if nurtured properly.

Figuring out what kind of content will help raise your website’s traffic statistics is not as complicated as you think. You just have to make sure that they are useful and can help people solve a problem or achieve a specific goal.

You also have to present your content in a way that makes it more interesting as compared to any similar ones available online. Repeat this step every day and you’re pretty much all set. And no matter how tempting it may be, absolutely no plagiarism!

Use social media networking sites to your advantage.

Due to their extensive reach, social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter have become very popular when it comes to driving traffic to a website or blog. With hundreds of millions of users checking their accounts daily, you just have to frequently engage them properly to really get your site’s traffic going.

You can also get in on social bookmarking sites like Digg, Folkd, Reddit and Delicious to achieve the same results. As long as you provide great content in a regular basis, you’re guaranteed to have multitudes of new visitors dropping by your website each day.

Make your site or blog search engine-friendly.

Search engines have always been considered by Internet marketing enthusiasts as one of the most effective ways to get traffic for free. You only have to properly optimize your site for the keywords that you are targeting to rank well with major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing as well as their not so popular counterparts.

In a nutshell, search engine optimization or SEO basically involves meticulously setting up links, keywords, headings, meta tags and other relevant website elements to make it easier for them to find you when a certain query is entered. The faster it is for their indexing programs to zero in on your website, the easier it is for you to push your traffic higher.



PRODUCTIf you are in the information business then you really do need to create your own products rather than promote other people’s. If you have your own products then you immediately build your credibility as being someone who knows a lot of information in that particular niche.

However perhaps you are not sure what product to create and you just need some step-by-step help on what to do. In this article I am going to show you some steps that you can take to help you with your product creation.

What product will you create?

Think about the times when you wanted to find out something related to your niche. Perhaps you wanted to find out how to do something and you did a search online and it was really difficult for you to find that information. Perhaps it took you a few days before you finally found some help. That is the type of product that you could create yourself. If it took you a long time to search for an answer there are likely to be other people also wasting time trying to find that help.

What will your format be?

Now think about what kind of format you want your product to be in. For digital products it can be a written format such as an e-book or audio or video. If you are creating a product that people need to actually see in order to understand the information then you obviously need to create a video.

However if that is not the case then you can create either an audio or an e-book. Audio product creation is far quicker and easier than writing an e-book and people listening to an audio gain a deeper level of understanding too.

Your Outline

Once you have decided the format your product will take, write down an outline of everything that you want to include in the product and everything that you know about that particular topic.

When you have an outline and structure of what you will include in your product you can begin creating it.

  • If it is an e-book then just start writing using your outline to break it down.
  • If it is an audio product then again use your outline and teach the information and record yourself doing so.
  • If you are creating a video series then record the parts that are necessary for people to actually see in order to understand. Make sure your camera is steady so that the picture quality is good.

If at any point you get stuck and you feel you don’t have enough knowledge about a sub topic then go away and learn it so that you can make your information complete.

Once you have actually created the content for your product you can go back and edit anything that needs to be corrected.

Now package your product together and upload it to your web page and write a sales letter that shows people what problem your product will solve.

Then you can market your product to your email list or using other marketing strategies online.


offreeFinding and hiring great freelancers can be tricky if you aren’t familiar with the process. While most are honest and hardworking, there are a few who will accept any work regardless of their skill level or specialties. These freelancers may deliver low quality work or may not deliver anything at all and if you enter into a contract which such a person it can be difficult to get your money back.

Below are some tips to keep in mind when hiring freelancers so you can find qualified, skilled workers who will deliver quality work on deadline.

Beware of Spammers – Spam is a huge problem on freelancing sites like Odesk and Freelancer. Some freelancers will use bots to apply to every job posted with no regard to the specifications or criteria needed. This means it’s vital to be clear on you expectations and demands and you should also include a keyword or phrase that interested parties should use in their bids. This way you can disregard bids without that phrase and more easily find legitimate bids.

Always Ask for Samples – A portfolio or samples should always be mandatory when looking for freelancers, whether you are looking privately or through a site. For design work or other similar things you should ask for checkable references and for writing you can ask to see any work published on reputable article directories or from former clients.

Test Samples – For certain projects past work might not be able to tell you whether or not the freelancer is right for your project. Cover letters can be stolen and reproduced so it’s a good idea to ask for a short test sample so you can accurately gauge their skill level. Some freelancers aren’t comfortable with this because certain disreputable buyers have abused this request and used the test work without issuing payment. A custom sample of 75 to 100 words should be more than enough to do this without the freelancer worrying about you stealing their work and you will keep less serious bidders away.

Pay Attention to Reviews – Employer reviews are an important way to gauge a freelancer’s skills and work ethic. It goes without saying that if a freelancer has numerous bad reviews you should stay away but you should also be wary of those with no reviews. If you’re willing to give a newbie a chance that’s great, but understand that you’re taking a gamble and make sure that you are absolutely clear about what you need. Keep in mind that if a freelancer has many positive reviews and one or two bad ones that the bad reviewer might not have been totally honest. Sometimes buyers will leave bad reviews in retaliation for a misunderstanding.

Put it in Writing – Once you’ve found a competent freelancer, agreed upon rate, delivery date and specifications you should put everything in writing via a contract. This is especially important when working outside of a freelancer site where there are no protections for either party.