NNNNThe simplicity of the design of a website plays an important role in its success. The most important success factor for every website is its ability to offer substantive and qualitative content in the least complicated manner. These days, one finds several websites overflowing with unrelated advertisements and social media widgets, which can be really distracting to a visitor. It is generally advisable to keep your web page as neat as possible. This will surely help you keep the visitor hooked and cause less confusion in the visitor’s mind, allowing him/her to grasp the web content better.

The following steps will help designers to create websites which keep the clutter minimal and simplify the web design:

Visitors should be given enough space to read web content:

An upcoming trend among big internet players as well as other website owners, is to host as many number of links as possible on a single web page. The sole logic and idea behind this is to increase the probability of the number of visitors clicking on some paid advertisements. These advertisements ensures a regular revenue flow to these website owners. The clutter of website links all over the page can even prove to be annoying to a visitor. While it is important for the website owner to host links to ensure consistent revenue, they should be well designed and structured on the web page so as to enable the visitor to view web content without any obstruction from the links.

Effective web design to attract visitors:

If you are a small scale website owner and are looking to gain success, then the foremost thing you need to concentrate on is poaching the visitors of all the big websites in your or related field. Differentiating your website to cut the clutter, is the only way possible to achieve this. Therefore, If the top websites are offering a clustered web layout to their visitors (which they generally do), one can think of doing the opposite, by focusing more on the content and quality of your web page. A fresh and different look to your website is bound to attract more traffic.

Facilitating focused attention of the visitors:

While the traffic on big websites majorly comprises of those who may just be browsing through for random trivia or information, it is the small scale website owners who need to attract visitors who will stay loyal, so as to build long term consistent traffic. Hence, it is of utmost importance that web pages are so designed that visitors stay more focused on the content which you have to offer, rather than random social widgets and links. Hosting paid ads and links has no effect on the popularity of these websites. The only impact they seem to have is that they increase your short term revenue. However, what you need is consistent incoming traffic, which would ultimately bring you revenue.

Web Design to be based upon the purpose of the website:

The purpose of creation of your website is another point for consideration. The primary goal and purpose behind the website is the main inspiration behind the chief layout and web design. Within the first few minutes of visiting your website, the visitor should instantly get a feel of the nature and purpose behind your website and this would enable the visitor to understand the web content easily.


img-20120903-wa0001Did you know that self-business ideas often end up being more successful than just starting any business purely for the money? The reason behind this is incredibly simple.

When you create a business around something you are passionate about, or that you’re really interested in, your motivation levels stay much higher over the long term. Having a keen interest in your business and what you’re striving for means you’ll actually enjoy working on it, so it never feels like work.

Instead, you soon find that you’re having fun even while your business is growing and making profits.

The problem most people find is that they don’t really know how to turn a hobby or a passion into a lucrative full-time business. Yet self-business ideas always end up among the most successful, so the key is to work out what you really enjoy doing every day.

Think about a topic or hobby or product that you’re really passionate about. It should be something you would love doing all the time. Once you’ve found your answer, you’re ready to turn it into a profitable business.

Turning Your Passion into Profit

It makes absolutely no difference what your passion is for; it’s possible to turn it into a solid business. No matter what subject you think of, there is a niche for it somewhere on the internet. You’ll find plenty of other people out there are interested in exactly the same thing as you are.

Those people are keen to buy information teaching them more about their passion. They’ll happily buy products that help them to achieve more from their passion. They’ll ask questions and seek out more people who love their hobby or interest as much as they do and they form communities around those things.

Those people are your target audience. They are really interested in exactly what you want to promote, no matter what you decided to make your business about.

The internet really does give you everything you need to succeed. You have access to those people and those communities. You have a way to promote your products quickly and effectively online. You can reach out to more people than ever before, simply because the internet is a truly global medium.

This means your business is never limited to only your local area. You have the world at your feet when you choose to establish your self-business ideas using an internet-based business model.

The biggest benefit here is that because you chose to work on business ideas that stem from what you already enjoy, you know you won’t get bored or give up on your business plan quickly. You’ll have a far better chance of staying motivated, which is the real key to achieving success.


offreeFinding and hiring great freelancers can be tricky if you aren’t familiar with the process. While most are honest and hardworking, there are a few who will accept any work regardless of their skill level or specialties. These freelancers may deliver low quality work or may not deliver anything at all and if you enter into a contract which such a person it can be difficult to get your money back.

Below are some tips to keep in mind when hiring freelancers so you can find qualified, skilled workers who will deliver quality work on deadline.

Beware of Spammers – Spam is a huge problem on freelancing sites like Odesk and Freelancer. Some freelancers will use bots to apply to every job posted with no regard to the specifications or criteria needed. This means it’s vital to be clear on you expectations and demands and you should also include a keyword or phrase that interested parties should use in their bids. This way you can disregard bids without that phrase and more easily find legitimate bids.

Always Ask for Samples – A portfolio or samples should always be mandatory when looking for freelancers, whether you are looking privately or through a site. For design work or other similar things you should ask for checkable references and for writing you can ask to see any work published on reputable article directories or from former clients.

Test Samples – For certain projects past work might not be able to tell you whether or not the freelancer is right for your project. Cover letters can be stolen and reproduced so it’s a good idea to ask for a short test sample so you can accurately gauge their skill level. Some freelancers aren’t comfortable with this because certain disreputable buyers have abused this request and used the test work without issuing payment. A custom sample of 75 to 100 words should be more than enough to do this without the freelancer worrying about you stealing their work and you will keep less serious bidders away.

Pay Attention to Reviews – Employer reviews are an important way to gauge a freelancer’s skills and work ethic. It goes without saying that if a freelancer has numerous bad reviews you should stay away but you should also be wary of those with no reviews. If you’re willing to give a newbie a chance that’s great, but understand that you’re taking a gamble and make sure that you are absolutely clear about what you need. Keep in mind that if a freelancer has many positive reviews and one or two bad ones that the bad reviewer might not have been totally honest. Sometimes buyers will leave bad reviews in retaliation for a misunderstanding.

Put it in Writing – Once you’ve found a competent freelancer, agreed upon rate, delivery date and specifications you should put everything in writing via a contract. This is especially important when working outside of a freelancer site where there are no protections for either party.