malaria1People across the globe are taking part in World Malaria Day on 25 April
2013. Malaria affects and kills millions of people worldwide. In Africa,
approximately one child will die every minute ranking malaria as one of the
top 3 disease killers.

Throughout the world, 90 percent of all malaria deaths occur in pregnant
women and children under the age of five. The World Malaria Report 2011
reported an estimated 655,000 people died in 2010.

Even when the disease doesn’t kill, it still can wreak havoc on
overburdened communities, governing bodies and economies in malaria-endemic
countries. Malaria often affects school and work attendance, decreases
worker productivity and drains household resources as families struggle to
pay for treatments.

In Africa, malaria deaths have been cut by one third in the last 10 years.
Malaria was once found on every continent and in almost every country. 35
out of the 53 affected countries outside of Africa have reduced malaria
cases by 50 percent in the same time period. Investments have created more
than 90 countries malaria-free and another 26 nearly achieving a similar

Despite the improvements, significant concerns are upon the horizon.
Financial support and control initiatives for malaria are now beginning to
fade.  Sadly, the global economic recession is tightening budgets of
individuals, governments and NGOs.  Once earmarked malaria dollars are now
being spread out to help combat non-communicable, lifestyle-induced
conditions such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity and cancer.

Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) have been referenced by sensational
healthcare professionals as ‘diseases for dummies’.  However untrue, the
skyrocketing rates of these mainly personal choice, lifestyle-induced
conditions are affecting the funding to non-lifestyle, communicable
diseases such as malaria.

Essentially, high-risk, poverty-stricken pregnant women and children could
be suffering from malaria further due to potentially unnecessary healthcare
funding being distributed to the middle-to-upper classes for preventable
NCDs. The negative health outcomes of poor choices of those with money are
starting to cost more than the lack of choices of the world’s poorest.

To complicate the problem, drug-resistant strains of malaria are now
surfacing in high-risk populations of the world as well.  In 2012,
researchers found that the most effective drugs are becoming less effective
and over 20 percent of patients have begun to show treatment resistance.

Therefore now is the time for the malaria community to regroup, reenergize
and look for new innovative ways to prevent the resurgence of malaria.
Further investments and a strong defensive strategy must center on
prevention and not just the treatment of malaria.

Prevention provides tools that enable families and employees to protect
themselves against malaria and its effects. Such interventions may seem
costly at first, but the long-term health and economic benefits far
outweighs the cost of treatments.

As a basic guideline for protection against malaria, United Against Malaria
recommends having at least two long-lasting insecticide-treated nets in a
household. These nets will typically provide two to five years of
protection for a family. The level of protection is based on the size of
the family, the type of net, the number of washings and the degree of care
given.Insecticides used in indoor residual spraying (IRS) are safe for humans but
lethal to mosquitoes that land on walls within the structure. IRS has been
shown to significantly decrease mosquito and larvae populations, especially
in communities where stagnant water are present, such as those near mines,
farms or brick-making operations.


Troops of Sector 1, Operation Pulo Shield, Effurun Nigerian Army Barracks, last Thursday, acting on a tip-off, rescued a female senior staff of the Petroleum Training Institute (PTI), Effurun, at PTI Junction, Delta State, from the hands of suspected kidnappers cum rapists. EBENEZER ADUROKIYA reports the claims and counterclaims that ensued during their parade.

The story of a 21-year-old boy, who comfortably rides on a Lexus car worth N4.5 million at Effurun, tells more about a generation needing redemption.

The young man, Mr Tadafe Egwolo, was last Thursday, arrested by troops of Sector 1, Operation Pulo Shield, Effurun, along with his friend, Mr Kelvin Uvwie, for kidnapping, raping and demanding N10 million ransom from a 53-year-old woman.

The woman, who was allegedly raped by Egwolo at Room 602, Casa De Perdro Hotel located at Effurun, last Tuesday, was subjected to a dehumanizing state. She was, according to the senior staffer in PTI, at gun point, picked up from PTI junction at Effurun and taken to a hotel room, where she was stripped naked and violated in the presence of Egwolo’s friend, Uvwie; who in turn, acted as a paparazzi. She was not only sexually molested, but subjected to a bestial state of sucking the penis of her traducer during the forced sex bout.

Thereafter, the mother of two, whose first daughter got married few months back, was requested to produce N10 million in few hours or face blackmail and/or death if she failed to concur.

The woman, while speaking with journalists on Saturday, said apart from being a worker at PTI, she was a children’s teacher in one of the churches in Warri, adding that she had never met the suspects before, let alone having a romantic affair with them.

It was, however, gathered that apart from being single, she lived with her two daughters before one of them got married few months ago.

But Egwolo, whose father said he was 21 and not 25 years old as earlier claimed during interrogation by journalists, hinted that the case between him and the woman, was one of love gone sour, over his unpaid monthly salary arrears. The agreed monthly payment was N150, 000, for bringing sexual satisfaction to the woman.

While giving the genesis of the relationship, the gigolo, Egwolo, insisted, “I’m here because of somebody I’ve been dating for one year and eight months. Her name is Jully Momoh (not real name). I’m 25 years old and we met when I paid a visit to PTI. I was wearing dreadlocks then, so she saw me and said that she liked me. She said that I looked handsome and gave me her address, asking me to meet her in her office. Before we started dating, she said she would pay me monthly and since we started dating, we used to meet at different hotels.

“The last sex we had which turned sour, was at Room 602, Casa De Pedro. Sometimes she would pay me between N1, 000 and N2, 000, but she later promised to increase my payment,” he explained.

Egwolo, who claimed to be a Business Administration student at the Auchi Polytechnic, Edo State, said he and his lover agreed on N150, 000 monthly for his services. According to him, the centre could no longer hold when she was not fulfilling her own part of the bargain and was rather promising him to wait till November this year, for his arrears.

Unsatisfied with the arrangement, Egwolo said he decided to set her up by taking her to the hotel room while he had arranged with his friend, Uvwie, to hide in the wardrobe and take snapshots of them. He said he intended to use the photographs to intimidate her to redeem her pledge.

“Sometimes she takes very good care of me and she promised to pay me N150, 000 per month. But she kept deceiving me every time I went to her office and yet she still expected me to continue to please her sexually. Later, I was worried and I confided in one of my friends on what to do. So we agreed on taking snapshots of me having sex with her, as a tool to retrieve the money from her,” Egwolo, who said he had lost his fiancée to the incident, lamented.

Mr Uvwie, on his part, did not take part in the actual purported rape, but joined his friend to take the snapshots of the sex scenes. He denied ever being promised any amount for his job, claiming initially that he was a student of University of Abuja, studying an non-existent course, before he later said he was also into dredging, having finished studying Oil and Gas in India.

Egwolo, however, begged for pardon while swearing before press men that her victim was the first ever sugar mummy he had ever dated, appealing to youths to beware of such fast business as the end may not be as envisaged.

“I would advise Nigerian youths not to do such things, because what you never planned for is what you would get. But I never wanted to blackmail her, I just wanted to threaten her so as to get my money.  I threatened her that I would show the photographs to her children if she did not give me my money. I did not kidnap her. She paid the hotel bill herself. Though she begged me to wait till October to collect my money, I was not ready for such bargain,” Egwolo affirmed.

Meanwhile, afraid of being blackmailed or even killed, after the threats, the woman reported the case to the Joint Task Force (JTF) and was asked to play along. The JTF laid an ambush for the culprits when they came to the woman’s office at PTI to collect the ransom she claimed they demanded and the suspects were nabbed.

Preliminary investigations, according to Commanding Officer, 3rd Battalion, Nigerian Army, Effurun, Lt. Col. Otu, while briefing the press after the parade of the suspects on Saturday, showed that the duo had confessed to committing the crime.

According to Lt. Col. Otu, the suspects came in a Lexus car with registration number; Delta EFR 02AA which belongs to Egwolo to PTI where they were to pick up their ransom.

While informing that more investigations would still be carried out on the case, Lt Col Otu gave other items recovered from them to include one Blackberry, two Nokia phones and one LG phone, saying that the suspected toy gun used for the action was yet to be retrieved.

He added that the suspects would be handed over to the appropriate quarters for prosecution after the JTF was through with them.


Money WorriesFinancial strain is probably the biggest cause of stress, especially in today’s economy. With so many people losing their jobs, just trying to make ends meet can cause added stress to your already stressful lives. The good news is that there’s a way out!

Map Out a Plan

If you are not on a budget, you must get on one. I know the word budget seems like a bad word, and it does require effort and planning, but it is the best way to relieve financial stress. Living on a budget means you’re in control of your money, instead of your money controlling you.

There are many classes or programs specifically designed to teach you how to budget if needed. Simply do a search online using the terms “how to live on a budget” or “budgeting” and you’re sure to find one that meets your needs and is easy to use.

The key to sticking to a budget is making sure it’s easy to implement. Ask your friends and relatives what budgeting plans or programs they use and do a little research before deciding on one. But whatever you do, choose something!

Good Food at Great Prices

Another area where you can save money is at the grocery store. By using online and paper coupons, as well as flipping through the weekly flyers, you can save hundreds of dollars every month! Again, this takes some planning, but it will help relieve a lot of financial strain.

Knowing how much you spend on eating out may be a shocker to you. Cut back on restaurant food and plan more meals at home. You’ll be surprised at how much money you’ll save and you may even lose a few pounds!

Review Your Automatic Payments

Cutting out automatic payments from your spending will also help you be in control of your money. Look at any programs or services that you’ve subscribed to that automatically takes money from your account. You may find some you never use that you can cut out. Or perhaps there are better deals to be had elsewhere, so do your research!

Choose Used

One of the best ways to reduce your expenses is by driving a used car. If you’re making a car payment, you’re throwing away money that could be better used elsewhere. If it’s possible, sell your car, pay it off, and buy a used car with the cash that you’re saving on monthly payments. You may have to give up a little pride, but reducing stress and financial strain is far more important than pride!

Tips to Reducing Financial Strain in Your Life

Other ways to overcome financial strain is to supplement your income. You can do this in a variety of ways. Some of them you may even find fun!

• De-clutter your home of “stuff” by sorting through and selling it on eBay, Craigslist, or Kijiji.

• Clean out your shed or garage and have a yard sale.

• Sell arts and crafts or jewelry on Etsy or eBay.

• Start an online business using skills you already have.

• If you’re a good at a particular subject, start tutoring or teaching music lessons.

• If you’re a golfer or skier, get a second job at a resort or golf club. This will not only bring in extra income, but they probably offer discounts to employees, saving you money while still being able to enjoy something you love.

• Get a second job that offers flexible hours. Use the extra income to pay down debt or start saving for your emergency fund.

Having a plan, sticking to a budget, and increasing your income are the best ways to overcome financial strain during these tough economic times. If you’re diligent and determined not to let today’s economy stress you out, you’re sure to succeed!


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